I was recommended to Shelly by a friend, and I will take their word on ANYTHING after the extraordinary service and experience I had with this jeweler!

I approached Shelly by appointment to look at engagement and wedding rings. She was extremely accommodating and offered to meet with me in the south suburbs or the loop on my schedule. I met with her first in the suburbs, then later in the loop. The valet was complimentary.

When we began looking at diamonds, she walked me though the education process (as many jewelers will) and was very informative. We talked about what was important to me and after learning of my needs she quickly found several diamonds that fit my criteria. She DID NOT attempt to upsell me over my price range - and if you've been shopping for an engagement band, you know all too well that tactic. I was extremely pleased to see that she honored the range we discussed - and she gave me more than I expected for it!

If you are shopping for high caliber jewelery, steer clear of Jared/Zales/Kay/Alberts/Jewelery Exchange - you'll find the same blank salesperson at each of these that squeezes you into the lowest quality jewelery for the highest price you can stomach.
Instead, go see Shelly one afternoon and enjoy expert attention from a true professional - one who you will go back to year after year after year.


Just wanted to thank you so much for how easy getting the ring was.. I thought it came out amazing. I got engaged last Wednesday on the 3rd.  I surprised Dana and took her out to eat at navy pier and then we walked the lake front to millenium park and I asked her there.  She absolutely loves the ring.



Thanks again for everything.  You are the best! You made me look like a Rockstar!!!


Thanks for all of your work in helping me find exactly what I like!  I think the rest is out of my hands at this point.  Hopefully I will be seeing you sometime in the near future :) I hope you have a happy holiday!

Nate & Angela

The ring looks amazing.  I showed her parents & sister the ring & they all loved it.  Her birthday is on Sunday so I plan on giving her the ring then.  As always your are going to make her extremely happy & make me look good.  Thanks!

She absolutely loved them!  I think she was really surprised.  Thanks for all the help, and I look foward to meeting up and working out the pinkie ring. 

OMG! You are awesome.  I just got my birthday present and LOVE IT! I had no idea at all.  Such a sneak! Amazing! Thank you so much!


Hi Shelly my name is Kevin and was given one of your cards by my friend who did business with you around a year and half ago.  He told me that everything went really well and that I should come to you when I am ready to pick out an engagement ring.  I hope we can work on something together, he picked a perfect ring for her and I wanted to do the same.


Your website is unbelievable.  It is so professional and user-friendly!  Thank you so much for the time taken out of your evening last night.  Very much appreciated!!  You did an excellent job of explaining everything.  Never too much information. 

Thank you for all of your help,  and  a special thanks to you for being flexible with purchasing the ring!!  Without your help, I couldn't have gotten such a beautiful ring.  Keep in touch! 



thanks Shelly.  I am excited about the ring and agree that it is going to be beautiful.  I appreciate everything you have done to make this happen for me. 



Well I gotta tell you that I was shocked with my gift!  I absolutely love it & was totally shocked that he got down by you and got it on Wednesday!  Thanks again!



It looks awesome!  Shelly, I really cannot thank you enough for all the work and help on this one.  I know I was not your "most informed" customer and I appreciate you teaching me along the way.  Thanks again!



My sister LOVED the earrings!  We gave them to her right after graduation and she put them on right away.  I'll have to show you some photos this week if you are in.  Thanks so much!





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